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Shockfest is THE ultimate underground Film Festival experience, designed to break every convention in the book of the festival circuit and provide the highest value of entertainment, engagement and interactivity for both the filmmaker AND the audience member.  We organize multiple live and interactive events in multiple cities (especially our favorite stomping grounds, New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood) designed to highlight and showcase the works of those who submit their films and screenplays even before receiving the official selection notice for our main event at the end of the year, SHOCKFEST FILM FESTIVAL.

A Submission to Shockfest is a submission to the world of the unknown…


What Is Shockfest Film Festival?
Check out our homepage to read more about who we are and what we do.  It also addresses such topics as Shockfest History, Categories and Fees, Awards and Cash Prizes and additional Submission Perks.

Is This A Horror Festival?
Shockfest is a Multi-Genre Festival.  We do have a “spooky” image, and we come from humble horror beginnings, but as of 2020, Shockfest screens, nominates and awards films and screenplays from all genres.  We put a special focus on the work of artists that shock the Industry with innovation, passion and unique content and execution.

Where Does Shockfest Take Place?
Shockfest takes place in a different city every year, but we are frequently held in New York City, Las Vegas and Hollywood, CA more often than not.  We also hold virtual and hybrid shows unlike any other festival has ever done (we invented our own way of doing them during the pandemic…we call them “Portal Events”).  How, you ask?  Check it out yourself on the Videos section of the homepage.

What Is A Portal Event?
Shockfest is the inventor of “Portal Events”, which are surprise (occasionally popup) Shockfest events, both live and virtual, outside of the official date of Shockfest Film Festival.  These Portal Events provide official submitters with additional opportunities to screen their work, earn laurels and win awards and prizes.  All dates of upcoming Portal Events and the date of Shockfest Film Festival are all listed on the Schedule section of the homepage.

We also post the photos you tag us in Instagram onto our stories, so be sure to tag us @shockfesthorrorfactory and we will share it too!

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