World Channel Showings

Detailed info about the WORLD Channel airings –

  • Unrivaled will air on WORLD channel, which is carried by 85 subscriber PTV stations, covering 76% of the country and in all of the top 10 markets. Important: Airtimes shift according to time zone.

  • WORLD airdates for Unrivaled sometimes vary locally, but are generally as follows:

  • Most of the stations will follow the master schedule above. However, the following stations in the top 50 markets have variable schedules and the airdate should be confirmed on WORLD schedule.

    • GPB/Georgia, KAET/Phoenix, WVIZ/Cleveland, OPB/Portland, WMVS/Milwaukee.

  • The following stations will likely alternate programming at the scheduled times:

    • WNPT/Nashville (both airdates), WCTE/Nashville (both airdates), KPBS/San Diego (both airdates), KLRN/San Antonio (Monday airdate only), OETA/Oklahoma City (Saturday airdate only).

  • KET/Kentucky viewers can stream the film online in the Louisville area only at Live: KET | KET. Kentucky/KET does not air WORLD via traditional broadcast, only streaming.