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We are passionate about telling the story of Sewanee football’s amazing 1899 season. A season that will never, ever be replicated again.

“But the greatest team ever? That honor has to go to a team from the University of the South which is affectionately known as Sewanee after its small-town Tennessee mountain top location. The Sewanee team of 1899 left a legacy that will probably never be equaled.”

Rufus Ward

The Dispatch
Columbus, MS

The team behind ‘Unrivaled’

Norman Jetmundsen, C’76

Attorney in Birmingham, AL. Trustee of University of the South. Author of two novels.

David Crews, C’76

Executive Producer & Producer of “The Toughest Job” which won a regional Emmy Award for Best Historical Documentary. Director & Producer of documentary film “Character & Conservation: The Bob Dunlap Story.”

Matthew Graves

Emmy winning documentary filmmaker based in Charleston, SC. His work ranges from documentary and narrative films to commercial, animation and promotional web videos.

Music Score:

Bobby Horton


Ernie Eldridge


Gates Shaw

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