World Channel Puts ‘Unrivaled’ In Its Lineup

‘Unrivaled’ will air nationwide on the World Channel beginning September 16th.   This nationwide broadcast is a huge development for us!
WORLD is a nationwide public television channel, operated by WGBH/Boston and distributed by APT (American Public Television). PBS stations may choose to subscribe to WORLD, in which case one of their subchannels is dedicated to the WORLD programming schedule as determined by WGBH. 85 stations currently subscribe to WORLD, for a total of 193 transmitters and repeaters, which collectively reach 76% of the population nationwide. These include most of the primary stations in the top 50 markets, such as the WNET Group/New York, KOCE/Los Angeles, WTTW/Chicago, and many more. When a program is scheduled on WORLD, it airs at a standard time on most subscriber stations. There may be a few deviations here and there for stations that are part-time subscribers or have competing programming priorities, but for the most part, it’s as close as we can come to a nationwide date on public television.
Viewers can look up their local WORLD channel at
A chart of local broadcast channels for WORLD can be found here.