SUCCESS in 2024!

The team behind Unrivaled is so proud of the attention our film has received not just in the Southeast, but also nationally. It shows that a good story and college football capture America’s attention–especially this time of year. Sewanee and the 1899 football team has literally received exposure in every part of the country.

Earlier this year, we hired Artemis to help build our relationship with PBS/WORLD stations. At their suggestion, we offered both a 90 and 60 minute version of the film and both have been shown. Artemis did a fantastic job for us, and as a result, we wanted to share some information about our film from Artemis’ recent report:

    • Shown in 90.84% of all markets in the U.S. (25% in Prime Time)
    • Shown on 449 Channels, across 163 markets in 46 states (and with overlap likely even more states)
    • Shown a total of 1,075 times
    • Had a market penetration of 100% in the Top 25 markets, 92% in the 26 -50 next markets, and 84% in 51-100 markets
    • The potential audience for Unrivaled is 111.2 million US TV Households, or 303.6 million people. So, if even a fraction of 303 million people saw the film, it means Sewanee’s name has been broadcast to millions of people around the U.S.

In addition, Unrivaled is available on, which means many others have likely watched the film there, although we haven’t been able to track how many. It’s fair to say that we never envisioned this kind of success, and we hope this will pay great dividends down the road for the University.

This is quite a wonderful way to wrap up the year. We are grateful for your support and delighted we were able to tell this story and it found so many interested people. We wish you a blessed and wonderful holiday.

P.S. We still have copies of Unrivaled merchandise for sale, which make wonderful gifts.